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Lucas Lift benefit a huge success thanks to you

Hello everyone!

The Lucas Lift Benefit happened on April 21, and not only did we all have an amazing time with our awesome community, we had a huge turnout, a fantastic variety of artists show off their talents (including Lucas!) and we raised almost half of what we need!!! That’s freakin’ awesome!

We are so excited and humbled! (Joey Kline is so awesome!! Super special thanks go out to Joey and his awesome band; Richard Mockler, Pat Gray and Rolando Robles, with Medearis Dixson and Caspian Coberly. Also to the most amazing Laura Moreau, Clayton Coleman, KJ Jones, Fiia McGann, Atasha Manila, Susan VanWinkle & Mia Swartz!! THANK YOU for everything, we love you all so much!)

Your Donations

I wanted to make a clearer outline of what we have done with the donations so far, and where they’re going and what we hope to do with the balance of what is needed:

After paying initial deposits, the balance due for the Residence Hall (I love that meals are included!) that must be paid in full by June 1 is $2,657. I think we have almost exactly that much.

Next step that is SUPER IMPORTANT is travel plans. I hear that miles can be donated and I’m going to look into that ASAP. You know, the sooner we book flights, the more cost effective, correct? For now, our Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan numbers are: Lucas: 257465110 Erin: 183573983. (We also have American Airlines and Southwest Airlines, just in case.)

Optional activities for Lucas in NYC: Lucas has a chance to do some super cool things if we end up with enough $ to send him and get him signed up in time, since apparently, they fill up fast. Here is the link to the brochure with all of the fun stuff he would LOVE to get to do: https://net.sab.org/file/2018-summer-course/SC-Trip-Brochure-2018.pdf

I believe the total for everything on his “activity wish list” is $641. Wow, if you think about everything involved and everything they get to do that’s a pretty good deal for five weeks of activities!

Other expenses

Lucas is growing like a giant weed right now since he is going to be 15 just after he starts the summer program, I guess that’s par for the course, right? So, the required stuff he will need for classes are the following: black tights, white socks, plain white t-shirts, and white ballet slippers, character shoes, a good dance bag and a few things for his dorm room.

*Freed of London, a proud sponsor of the School of American Ballet’s Summer Course, is happy to offer Summer Course students a 20% discount plus free ground shipping on phone orders of 10 or more pairs placed May 1 – September 1, 2018
Cool, right? I’m definitely looking for the most cost effective places to purchase!

We will need lodging when we first arrive in NYC; still looking into that and don’t know exact dates or cost quite yet. (Hard to plan without a $budget$.)

We would love to hear ideas, or suggestions…but at this point things are going so amazingly well, thanks to so many people we haven’t even had a chance to thank yet! THANK YOU.

Please share, and help us get all the way there

BIG Love!! Erin & Lucas

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